The Purpose of Enamel

enamel layerWhen plaque sticks to your teeth, the bacteria inside of it produces acid that attacks your enamel. While your enamel, the outer layer of the teeth, is the strongest substance in your body, the acid can eventually wear a hole in it, and cause a cavity. This can lead to the infection of your teeth, so protecting your enamel is extremely important to your oral health. There are many facts about enamel that can help you better understand the nature of this important defense mechanism.

Facts About Tooth Enamel

  • Water and proteins are also components of enamel. Though enamel is textually brittle, and can chip and crack if enough pressure is exerted, the proteins stretch the minerals into extremely long strands of crystals that are more resilient than anything else your body produces.
  • Fluoridated water (water with fluoride added to it) is meant to help bolster the enamel of children, as this mineral helps fortify their teeth’s outer layer. Ingesting fluoride does not typically protect an adult’s teeth, but you can use fluoridated toothpaste or topical treatments at the dentist’s office instead.
  • Some people may be born without their full layer of enamel, a condition called amelogenesis imperfecta. People with this condition must take extra care of the enamel they do have by following the dentist’s guidelines for their oral health.


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