Be Prepared for a Dental Emergency

dental emergencyDental emergencies can happen at any time due to events such as an accident that knocks out a tooth, biting down on hard food (like ice or hard candy), or any unexpected event that compromises your oral health. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for an emergency by knowing what constitutes one, and what to do when a problem occurs. There are specific guidelines you can follow in case of most dental emergencies that will help you protect and preserve your tooth after trauma.

The Dental Emergency Quiz

1.) Which of these constitutes a dental emergency?

a. Tooth decay                                    c. Mild tooth pain

b. Cracked or fractured tooth          d. All of the Above

2.) True or False—A loose permanent tooth counts as a dental emergency.

3.) If your tooth is knocked out, the first step you should take is:

a. Go to the dentist                            c. Rinse off the tooth, and place it in a glass of milk

b. Handle the situation yourself    d. None of the above

4.) If needed, rinse your mouth with:

a. Cold water                                       c. Salt water

b. Warm water                                    d. Milk

5.) True or False–You can go to the emergency room at the hospital for a dental emergency.


1.) Cracked or fractured tooth–A crack is dangerous, because it may have damaged the inside of the tooth, sometimes so badly that the tooth can’t be saved. However, in some cases, extreme tooth pain can also indicate an emergency.

2.) True. Permanent teeth are meant to last. If you find a loose one, you should go to the dentist, who may be able to find a way to preserve the tooth.

3.) c. Although you should go to the dentist as well, if you rinse off the tooth and place it in milk immediately, the dentist may be able to replant the tooth so that a restoration is not necessary.

4.) b. Rinse your mouth with warm water if your tooth is cracked or you have a toothache.

5.) True. You can go to the emergency room if your dentist’s office is not open or something else prevents you from reaching your regular dentist.


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