Month: November 2014

Dealing With Crooked Teeth

Many teenagers and some adults experience malocclusion, which means your teeth are misaligned in some way. This condition can be a nuisance, as it might require expensive orthodontic treatment to fix, which may not seem worth it. However, crooked teeth are not just a cosmetic issue; they can actually impact your overall oral health by… Read more »

The Purpose of Dental Crowns

If you are facing a procedure like a filling or root canal, your dentist may recommend placing a crown on that tooth. Crowns are common restorative treatments dentists use as the finishing touch on dental work. There are a variety of reasons your dentist may suggest this treatment, depending on your own circumstances. They can fill… Read more »

The Connection Between Diabetes and Oral Health

Diabetes can lead to many conditions, and can even affect your oral health. Having diabetes can leave you at a greater risk of developing periodontal disease, which is the infection of your gums. Also known as gum disease, it is treatable if the dentist is aware of the condition; otherwise, it will spread and worsen until… Read more »

What is the Purpose of Fluoridated Water?

Fluoride is an element that can be found naturally in the Earth’s crust and water. It can also appear in mineral form in some cases (like fluorite). Over the past decades, fluoride has become a common ingredient of tap water, as cities will add it to the water supply in order to help prevent tooth… Read more »

The Problem With a Tooth Abscess

Fighting oral bacteria is a constant battle you face in your life, as the microorganisms will produce acid to attack your teeth and then cause tooth decay. Unless your teeth’s enamel is strong enough to prevent this. If tooth decay does begin and a cavity is created, it will continue until we fill the tooth, because your… Read more »

How to Treat TMJ Disorders

You have two TMJs (temporomandibular joints) that connect your lower jaw to your skull. These joints are what allow you to talk and chew. However, TMJ disorders can interfere with the effectiveness of your joints, causing pain, a locked jaw, and/or difficulty chewing. Prevention is difficult because researchers don’t know what exactly causes these problems…. Read more »

The Purpose of Enamel

When plaque sticks to your teeth, the bacteria inside of it produces acid that attacks your enamel. While your enamel, the outer layer of the teeth, is the strongest substance in your body, the acid can eventually wear a hole in it, and cause a cavity. This can lead to the infection of your teeth, so… Read more »

Be Prepared for a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can happen at any time due to events such as an accident that knocks out a tooth, biting down on hard food (like ice or hard candy), or any unexpected event that compromises your oral health. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for an emergency by knowing what constitutes one, and what… Read more »

Worried About Tooth Decay? Why You Should Be

You have plenty to worry about when it comes to your smile. Are your teeth still bright? Is there anything stuck between them? Is that slight sensitivity something you should worry about? Tooth decay, however, comes with its own unique set of worries, such as are you at risk for it, do you already have… Read more »

Answers to Your Questions About Porcelain Veneers

If you want to change your teeth because you’re unhappy about their appearance, then you may have heard about porcelain veneers and their ability to completely makeover your smile. Nevertheless, reading about them isn’t the same as consulting with your cosmetic dentist about how veneers can specifically improve your smile. To help you better understand… Read more »