Why Choose a Dental Bridge?

man missing teethIf you are missing a tooth or teeth, you are probably looking for a way to restore your smile. Because of advancing technology, there are many remedies for missing teeth that will give your mouth a natural look and protect it. One often-recommended appliance is the dental bridge, which will serve as a placeholder for missing teeth in order to restore your mouth’s proper function.

Missing Teeth and Why You Need a Replacement

Some people might be tempted to just leave the empty space in their mouth, especially if it’s in the back where no one can see it. However, most dentists do not recommend this. Missing teeth contribute to jawbone loss and shrinkage, causing your cheeks to sink, and making it more likely that you will lose more teeth as the bone loss proceeds. In addition, your other teeth will generally have a tendency to drift into the empty spot, making them crooked and causing problems with your bite’s alignment.

Are Dental Bridges the Answer For You?

Dental bridges are prosthetics that are generally suspended between the two anchoring, or abutment, teeth. They can be crafted from a variety of materials, like gold, but are most-often made from porcelain for its strength and ability to blend in discreetly with your healthy, natural teeth. You will need at least two appointments to receive a dental bridge; one for us to carefully prepare and measure your teeth, and another for us to affix the permanent bridge onto your teeth.

Dental Bridges Vs. Dental Implants

A dental implant is another replacement option, where the implant is inserted into the jaw to replace your teeth’s roots, then capped with an appropriate restoration to replace the teeth’s crowns. Dental implants are more durable than traditional dental bridges and dentures, and provide a more natural, and more stable, look and feel to your prosthetic replacement teeth.


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