Keep Your Children’s Teeth Safe this Halloween

kids and teeth on halloweenSome costumes might scare smaller children, but what worries parents most about Halloween is typically the massive amounts of candy that their kids will come home with and gorge on. Stomach aches, sugar highs and lows, and especially cavities are among the many consequences that can stem from excessive candy indulgence. However, while moderation can help control the tummy-aches and sugar swings, keeping your children’s teeth safe from tooth decay this Halloween might take a bit more initiative.  

How to Avoid Halloween Cavities

Celebrate with a small indulgence

When you’re children first come home with a literal bag full of teeth-rotting candy, your first instinct might be to confiscate it so they don’t hurt themselves with it. However, after a hard night of trick-or-treating, it might seem cruel to deprive them of their prize. To satisfy their cravings while minimizing the damage, separate a portion of the candy for them to enjoy immediately, then store the rest for your children to enjoy at a safer pace throughout the rest of the year.

Ration the loot

The first night that you hide the remainder of your children’s Halloween candy, they may put up a bit of resistance. Yet, they’ll quickly settle down if you set a schedule for rationing the candy. One or two small pieces after school, or after they finish their homework, will not only give your children something to look forward to, but also help them better accept the rationing since they know when to expect it.

Take Them to the Dentist Soon

No matter the time of year, protecting your children’s teeth requires regular visits to the family dentist for checkups and cleanings. Given the increased risk that this time of year poses, we advise scheduling your child’s next dental appointment soon afterwards, preferably before the end of the year. If sugar and other treats have caused a cavity to develop, we can spot it in its earliest stages and stop it from becoming large enough to cause irreversible damage.


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