Keep a Naturally Bright Smile

woman with beautiful bright smileWouldn’t it be great if you could maintain a bright smile without needing professional teeth-whitening treatment? In many cases, that’s actually possible. The most common form of teeth stains, known as extrinsic stains, develop on the surfaces of your teeth, and are caused by issues like excessive plaque buildup, or overexposure to dark foods and beverages. Fortunately, with a few improvements to your hygiene routine and eating habits, you can keep stains at bay to prevent them from marring your bright, beautiful smile.

It’s All in the Hygiene

Your dental hygiene affects your teeth’s appearance in a number of ways. When allowed to accumulate excessively, the usually-colorless film of bacteria known as plaque can become more prominent, especially as your food and drinks continue to mix with it. Also, the overwhelming presence of bacteria can weaken the semi-translucent enamel around your teeth, making it easier for color molecules from your meals to stick to it. You should brush and floss your teeth at least twice every day, but if possible, try to brush them about 30 minutes after each meal, as well.

Take Care What You Expose Your Teeth To

Even with the most consistent and effective dental hygiene routine, the unfortunate truth is that your teeth may still lose their bright countenance and pearly-white hue from decades of use. However, you can limit how quickly and severely your teeth stain by keeping them clean, and also by taking care what you expose them to. For instance, alcohol consumption and tobacco use are notorious for leaving dark stains on your teeth (not to mention increasing your risk of several dental health issues). Refrain from habits and substances that can place your teeth at risk and diminish their healthy, natural shine.


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