Why are Gummy Vitamins so Bad?

GummyLeave it to modern American society to mass market a healthy supplement in the form of candy. You may put your fair share of sugar in your coffee, eat a sugary cereal or a cinnamon roll to start your day, so what’s a little gummy vitamin, right? Unfortunately, all sucrose (AKA sugar) truly is a big deal, and it can add up. The germs in your mouth want breakfast too, after all. In fact, certain bacteria in your mouth are such fans of sugar that when they enjoy your meal with you, they respond with lactic acid production. This damages your tooth enamel and adds to the production of dental plaque which hurts your teeth as well as your gums. If you want your child to avoid cavities , you may want to think twice about gummy vitamins or any sticky fruit snacks likely to stay lodged in tooth crevices.

The next time you pick up a jar of vitamins for you or the kids you care for, take a look at the nutritional facts. Even if the bottle claims a nice variety of daily recommended values of vitamins and minerals, some of them may be better labeled as “healthy candy” as opposed to an actual supplement. If your child resists keeping up with their oral hygiene, the remnants of those sticky, sugar-filled gummies will cling to the cracks and crevices of teeth. If the only vitamin your child is willing to eat are the gummy types, at least make sure that they rinse with water and floss and brush their teeth well after consuming them.

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