Vertical Tooth Fractures are No Fun

WineBottleTeethThere’s a crazy name for tiny fractures which can end up in the surfaces of your tooth enamel: craze lines. Many people are amazed to find out that enamel is the hardest substance in their bodies, designed to protect teeth. Unfortunately, regular wear-and-tear and various traumas can compromise your translucent tooth enamel. North Richland Hills dentist, Dr. Steven M. Huffstutler will tell you what you can do if you have craze lines that are driving you crazy.

What Causes Craze Lines?

Craze lines are usually caused from various levels of stress being placed on one (or more) of your teeth. Some of the most common causes of dental fractures include biting your nails, using your teeth as a tool to open a hard object, chewing on ice, wearing tongue or lip piercings, traumatic injuries to the teeth, and/or bruxism (teeth grinding). Sometimes, vertical fractures can occur from simple daily use. Extreme temperature changes are also suspect when it comes to developing craze lines. For example, chomping on ice right after drinking a hot cup of coffee could potentially result in a tooth enamel crack.  Once the fractures develop, staining can occur, which makes craze lines visible. Unfortunately, these visible vertical lines cannot be removed with regular brushing.

How to Deal with Craze Lines

The good news is that craze lines only scratch the surface of your tooth enamel. Over time, cavities could be a concern, but if you are keeping up with your daily dental self-care and visit the dentist for bi-annual checkups, tooth decay is not likely to result from small tooth fractures. The chief complaint with craze lines is cosmetic in nature. Teeth whitening is a terrific solution to alleviate visibly stained fractures. For more stubborn cases, or when the amount of craze lines is extremely obvious, porcelain veneers or tooth-colored fillings might be considered.

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