The Evolution of Fillings and Crowns

Smiling Young Man GlassesDo you have a cavity? To get your teeth back in working order, your dentist will most likely use fillings or crowns. These common restorative procedures can strengthen and protect decayed teeth. Fillings and crowns have evolved through many changes over the years. This means that modern dental work has greatly improved compared to older tooth restoration techniques. North Richland Hills dentist, Dr. Steven M. Huffstutler, will highlight the evolution of fillings and crowns.

Metal Fillings and Crowns

In the past, dental fillings and crowns were composed of various metals. With pure gold and silver proving to be a bit too pricey, a popular filling material was an alloy of different metals called dental amalgam. There is controversy over whether these metal fillings are safe because of the metals used in the alloy which contain mercury. However, most dentists and the American Dental Association, claim they are safe.

Fusing Porcelain to Metal

Crowns have also experienced a similar evolution from metal to composite material. Initially just metal, crowns were eventually construction out of plastic for a more tooth-like look. Plastic proved to be too weak, so a porcelain and metal combination was used for crowning teeth. While porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns answered to strength issues, they proved to be aesthetically displeasing since the metal was visible at the gumline.

Porcelain Alternatives

Tooth decay can now be repaired by using gorgeous, tooth-like, strong materials. These fillings and crowns have a more natural look compared to the dark metal fillings of the past. Another plus is that many patients feel more comfortable knowing heavy metals (and the accompanying mercury) are absent from their mouths. Porcelain and composite resin can be flawlessly color-matched to your existing teeth, so your smile will look natural.

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