General Dentistry Basics: Dental Checkups

Happy Family OutdoorsPreventive dentistry involves you, your dentist, and your dental staff all teaming up to preserve the health of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. Preventing periodontal disease (AKA gum disease) and tooth decay (AKA cavities) starts at home with good oral hygiene and a balanced diet. In addition to x-rays and cleaning plaque and tartar off teeth, you will undergo screenings for oral cancer and other potential dental issues at regular six-month dental checkups. You have probably been to the dentist quite a few times over your life. Is it time for another checkup with North Richland Hills dentist, Dr. Steven M. Huffstutler?

Dental Cleanings

Dental x-rays at your preventive appointments help screen for tooth decay, as well as cysts, tumors, bone loss, and the position of roots. X-rays and careful examination help our dental team to rule out infections or signs of oral/pharyngeal cancer. Removal of hardened plaque (tartar) which has been left on the teeth for some time will usually be performed by a dental hygienist. Tartar forms below and above the gumline and should only be removed by a trained professional using special dental instruments.

Catching Issues Early

Preventive dental appointments will help you avoid serious and costly dental issues. Prevention is the key to having a healthy, beautiful, confident smile. Smiles play a big role in your quality of life, including your success in work and interpersonal relationships. Catching dental conditions early is the key to the least invasive, least expensive, and least time consuming treatments. For example, wouldn’t you rather have a filling than a root canal? If you go to the dentist every six months without fail, you are likely to live your entire life with minimal dental issues.

Visit your North Richland Hills Dentist

Whether you want to restore the beauty and function of missing or compromised teeth or you’re simply looking for a dentist’s office to call home, Dr. Steven M. Huffstutler and his caring team are here for you. We focus on exceptional dentistry for adults, with a keen focus on highly esthetic restorations and the treatment of painful TMJ disorder. To schedule your next appointment, call our North Richland Hills dentist office at 817-918-3038. North Hills Dental proudly serves patients from across the Metroplex, including Fort Worth, Dallas, Denton, the Midcities, and Southlake.